You most likely know me as a graphic designer so why am i talking about young living?? because balance matters. life outside of work matters. your mental, physical and emotional well being matters. This last year, I actually found what balance means after I experienced it and I want that for you too.

So what’s up with Young Living and why should you care?

After I had my miscarriages, I started to take a good look at our overall health. Emotionally, I was not doing well. Work was thriving but I was feeling stuck in a rut. I cried every day for our babies, wishing our situation was different. I was desperate for an answer and was willing to try anything for a different outcome the next time we got pregnant. Before this, I had been dabbling with essential oils. I didn’t know much and just thought of them as a sort of alternative medicine that probably didn’t work as well as the real stuff but after researching and finding that a lot of our products contain hormone disrupting toxins that can effect fertility, I decided that I wanted to give the non-toxin thing a good go before writing it off. That is when I found Young Living. They are SO much more than just an essential oil brand and that is why I love them.